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Programs and Activities - Next

Learning and Technology Access Center,
The “Learning and Technology Access Center” focuses on low income, disadvantaged children and youth in Boston economically depressed communities. This program provides low income, at-risk disadvantaged children and youth with technological tools for work, business and education. The center is a dynamic community space that values practical solutions to everyday problem. Peer learning of information exchange and technological experimentation and evaluation. This program focus on children and youth 7-21 years old, low income and at-risk. The program also concentrate its efforts on reinforcing academic and creative skills while fostering a high level of knowledge and comfort with technological tools.

The Learning and Technology Access Center is geared towards instilling entrepreneurial aspirations and business skills in children and youth in our communities, simultaneously, the program feeds the technological appetites of program participants by pushing them to deliver advanced internet products to demanding clients.

The center programs helps to bridge the digital divide in Boston’s challenging neighborhoods in which we serve, by addressing the needs of middle and high school students, to gain technology skills that supports improved academic performance and which are needed to succeed in college and future employment. It is obvious that over 80% of all jobs currently use computer and 95% use computer-related technology.
Boston’s challenging neighborhoods are located just a few miles from down-town Boston. The population of our service areas are ethnically diverse low income, disadvantaged communities that has been largely left behind during the economic boom. And struggling beneath the weight of poverty. Finally, African and American Friendship, Inc. is seeking business partnership to expand our programs. We also accept donated personal computers, laptops, printers, and scanner for tax-deduction. Individuals or businesses replacing their lap top or personal computers should consider donating the above mentioned items to our organizations. For more Information contact

Learning and Technology Access Center
African and American Friendship, Inc
4258 Washington Street, Ste. # 11
Roslindale, MA. 02131

African and American Friendship, Inc.
International Programs

Medical Relief Program
African and American Friendship, Inc. is seeking the donation of medical equipments and supplies for our medical relief program for Sierra Leone, West Africa.
We are urgently in need of volunteer doctors, nurses and other Para-medical personals for our medical relief mission to Sierra Leone, West Africa. The pharmaceutical products needed for our medical relief mission to Sierra Leone includes but not limited to the following:
1. Anti-biotic
2. Anti-Hypertension
3. Asthma
4. Anti-Depressant
5. Diabetic medication including glucose meter,
6. Blood pressure cuff
7. Pain reliever
8. Anti-Ulcer
9. Vitamin
10. Children medication
11. Gastric reflux and Anti-inflammatory
12. Typhoid
13. Anti-Malaria

To implement our Medical Relief Mission to Sierra Leone, African and American Friendship, Inc. Will provides an array of services to residents of Freetown. The program will provide full range of home care services includes maternal/child health, dental health education. This program offers advanced resources for home health medical care for the chronically ill, which is designed to help patients recover as quickly as possible and to improve their quality of life.

We need anti- malaria drugs to help young children suffering from malaria in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.—Malaria is a disease caused by the blood parasite plasmodium, which is transmitted by mosquitoes. The disease is particularly devastating in Freetown, where it’s a leading killer of children. In addition to being the home to the deadliest strain of malaria and the mosquitoes’ best equipped to transmit the disease, the people of Freetown and Sierra Leone in particular, lack the proper infrastructure and resources to fight back.
Malaria is both a preventable and treatable disease. African and American Friendship, Inc. “Malaria Eradication Campaign” will focus on the following
1. Prevention, education and treatment
2. The free distribution of mosquito nets to mothers of young child
3. Purchase or soliciting donation of anti-malaria drugs for distributions to patients
Please help us eradicate malaria in Sierra Leone

African Digital Divide
95% of African Children and youth have little or no access to the incredible power of the personal computer or the Internet. The current social phenomenon is known as the “digital divide” This program will serve poor African children, youth and their families who are most affected by the growing digital divide.

Too many African children and youth do not have access to technology and the broad range of resources and opportunities needed to prepare them for working and living in an increasing digital world. African children and youth have less access to adults in their homes and communities who know how to use computers effectively and creatively.
Innovative application of computers can help ignite interest in learning, involvement and achievements. Yet, this opportunity is least available to those who could most benefit. In view of this, we call on African friends and supporters to bridge the digital divide in Africa. African and American Friendship, Inc. will establish a “Learning and Technology Access Center” in Freetown, Sierra Leone to be utilize by children and youth eager to navigate the information super highway. This center will be part of a comprehensive strategy for bringing the power of technology to African children and youth. The goals of the Learning and Technology Access Center are

1. Achieve computer and Internet literacy
2. Lead the way in safe Internet to enhance the program & process
3. Empowered a generation of Africans with work place skills
4. Provide African children and youth with the technological skills and knowledge they need to succeed. in an increasing digital world
African and American Friendship, Inc. recognize the impact of the digital divide on African children and youth, including their families. Everyday, our African staff witness first hand evidence of the ways that lack of access to and understanding of technology affects the children and youth in Africa. We are committed to taking aggressive steps to ensure that African children and youth receive the technological skills and knowledge needed to give them a fair opportunity at becoming successful, productive and employable members of society, therefore we are appealing to all our friends and supporters to join us in implementing our African Digital Divide initiative.

African and American Friendship, Inc.
Micro-Finance Initiative

African and American Friendship, Inc. Micro-finance initiative is a poverty alleviation program. The program will provide revolving loan and business education for poor Sierra Leonean women and youth, who want to start or expand their micro-economic enterprises. They will learn how to start or expand their micro-economic enterprises—African and American Friendship, Inc. will guide, counsel and provide revolving loan and business education for poor Sierra Leonean women and youth, who are experiencing extreme poverty with a 75% unemployment rate.
It is expected that this program will target more than 2,000 women and unemployed youth, who want to start or expand their micro-economic enterprise/business. They will learn how to start or expand their micro-economic enterprises/business, and operate their small businesses. African and American Friendship, Inc. will guide, counsel and provide revolving loans to women and unemployed youth in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Sierra Leone is classified as a “least developed” country by the United Nations. It has a population of 4.5 million, growing at 2.6 percent a year, a lower growth a year, and a lower growth rate than most Sahara countries in Africa. The distribution of income is markedly uneven and over two thirds of the population are estimated to live in absolute poverty.

Urban living conditions are extremely difficult. Rural life, with the exception of the diamond and gold mining areas, is at self sufficient subsistence level. Very few of the benefits of Sierra Leone natural resources percolates down to the general public. However, certain groups stand out as particular vulnerable socio-economic indicators demonstrate that women are predominant among the poor. They are more likely to be illiterate, unskilled and malnourished, and their productivity in both rural and Urban area is hampered by limited access to credit and productivity assets.
The goals and objectives of our micro-finance initiative are
1. Develop and offer a curriculum and workshops aimed at cultivating and strengthening community businesses.
2. To generate a network between the communities educational institutions, and the people of Sierra Leone, so that increased integration may identify interdependence, responsibilities for growth and economic development. The main objectives of this program are:
A) Obtain a business loan
B) Build a credit record
C) Develop strong business skills
D) Meet and share ideas with other business owners
African and American Friendship, Inc. Micro-finance initiative is designed to provide small revolving loan ($50-$200) to program participants. To start or expand their business. This program will be implemented on a group base model of lending small amount of money to small businesses in Sierra Leone. The educational component of the program includes basic business education. The primary goal of the program is to assist low income disadvantaged members of the community acquire basic business education.